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All information provided via any of my services is based on acquired knowledge, available resources, and intuition. I don’t claim to be a psychic or anything of the sort. I just know I have a direct connection to my intuition that is growing stronger by the moment. The more I use it, the better I know it, and the more I am able to use it, for the benefit and progress of my life and the lives of others too.

Please contact me at, or find me on Facebook at @iamhaleynsmith for more information or to book your intuitive tarot reading or intuitive natal chart interpretation today. I accept donations and payments via PayPal.

Intuitive Tarot Reading

I currently use the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck (pictured above), Thoth Deck (Crowley), Transparent Tarot (Carding), and Soul Lessons Oracle Deck.

Snapshot Spread– single card reading that is appropriate for a quick view of any situation you may be facing. $5.00

Your Choice Spread – two card reading that can be applied to a number of purposes: a choice to make, comparing options, what happens if this or that. $10.00

Past, Present, Future Spread – three card reading that provides insight into any scenario that you need more information about. $15.00

General Question Spread – four card reading that gives insight into any situation by analyzing it and the challenges you face, providing a solution, and outlining the likely outcome. $25.00

Elemental Spread – four card reading that provides information about how you can use the elemental energies to resolve an issue you face; intended to help you approach the matter with a balanced and holistic view. $25.00

Detailed Choice Spread – six card reading that gives a detailed analysis of two choices you face (your true feelings about each option and the advantages and difficulties associated with each). $35.00

Love Speaks Spread – six or seven card reading that reflects the state of a relationship with another person (business, romantic, family); involves analysis of the thoughts, emotions, and actions of both parties, as well as what is currently happening in the relationship. $35.00

Chakra Analysis Spread – seven card spread to give insight into the state of each of your seven main chakras (energy centers) of your body (how the energy flows and where you may be experiencing blockages that need attention). $35.00

Moon Phase Spread – eight card spread designed to be cast at the beginning of a moon cycle (new moon), to help you be aware of divine inspiration, set intentions, and align yourself with your highest hopes and desires for the next 28 days. $35.00

Planets Through the Week Spread – eight card spread that will analyze different aspects of your life in one of two ways, either by the planetary bodies which represent various life areas (love, career, self, etc), or by the days of the week (where your energy needs to be focused on certain days of the week). $35.00

Celtic Cross – ten card spread that will help you understand a current conflict or challenge by shedding light on the reasons for the challenge and providing insight for resolving the issue; can be used generally or for specific concerns; time frame sensitive (one to three months is ideal). $45.00

Life Purpose Spread – ten card spread modeled after the World Tree (Ydrggsil) that is useful if you need to know more about your life’s purpose;  provides insight into the natural forces that affect you or can help you answer philosophical questions about your life’s purpose. $45.00

Kabbalistic Spiritual Insight – ten card spread modeled after the Kabbalistic Tree of Life; aids your understanding of the complex everyday motivations that drive you. $45.00

AstroHouse Spread – 12 card spread modeled after the 12 astrological houses (which represent various aspects of life, such as home, career, relationships, friendships, and money); answers questions about the state of your life in any of the 12 covered areas. $60.00

AstroSign Spread – 12 card spread modeled after the 12 zodiac signs (Ophiucus optional); based on the energies of each sign and how you can apply them to your life for maximum benefit of yourself and others; covers topics such as how you can seek authenticity, how you can be more inspired, and how you can have a deeper understanding of others. $60.00

Past Life Spread – 14 card spread that provides information about a past life (either a past life in general, or a specific that you have questions about); covers information such as childhood, career, family, death, challenges that you faced, and how they affect you now. $75.00

Life Story Spread – 15 card spread that reveals your life story; analysis of your spiritual life, body/physical life, career/money life, creativity/enjoyment life, and emotional/relationship life. $75.00

Intuitive Natal Chart Readings

Astrology does not dictate your life,  your choices, or your feelings. On the contrary, it gives you insight into the energies that are at work surrounding your existence. It’s really about potentials because, ultimately, any decision that you make is yours to decide.

The thing to realize, however, is that our lives on Earth are mirrored in the heavens, and vice versa. The reason astrology is so spot on, and the reason an intuitive natal chart interpretation can absolutely read you for filth is because it is essentially a discovery of the vibrations that manifest on our planet as your life.

If you’ve never had your natal chart analyzed, then I just have one question. What in the world are you waiting for? Seriously.

This is one of the most important gifts you can give to yourself. Why? Because it will help you to confirm things about yourself you may be unclear about;  and it will certainly shed some light on what steps you can take to get yourself on track with your life’s path.

Wouldn’t it be freakin’ sweet if you could get a clue about some of the issues that have always given you a hard time instead of wandering around feeling like a crazy person? From personal experience, the answer is an emphatic YES!

I use my acquired knowledge, available resources, and intuitive senses to read the energies of the celestial bodies present at the exact moment of your birth. You receive a printable PDF of your birth chart, along with a detailed report that explores key points of your personality. You’ll also read what your natal chart has to say about your career, love life, as well as the triumphs and struggles that you bring from your past life and how these currently affect you. In addition, the typed report will also provide a highlight of major aspects found in your chart and what these mean for you.

The price of this is item is $25. You’ll receive a file that you can download from your email. If you’d like a paper copy, that will be $15 extra, plus $7.00 for Priority Shipping (received anywhere in the US within 2 business days).


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