About Me


NAME: Mohjo Nix Lestrange

AGE: 37 Earth years


OCCUPATION: Freelance Editor and WordPress Customization Expert

HOBBIES/HABITS: reading, drinking tea, video games, laughing, Tai Chi Chuan, meditation, daydreaming, studying everything I can get my hands on, binge-watching Doctor Who, blogging, making things (wood, clay)

MAGICKAL & SPIRITUAL PRACTICES/INTERESTS: Astrology, Tarot, Chaos Magick, “Traditional” Witchcraft, Wicca, Sigil Magick, Palo (all forms, but specifically Mayombe), Hoodoo, Runes, Candle Magick, Herb Magick, African Traditional Religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen, Taoism

ANCESTRY COMPOSITION: Western and Central African, Native American, Southeast Asian, European

ASTRODATA: Sun in Libra, Moon in Capricorn, Capricorn Rising

SOUL TRIBE: North Node in Cancer, South Node in Capricorn

SUPER POWER (my secret wish): Omniscience

ADDICTIONS: Books, shiny things, new notebooks

PET PEEVES: Close-minded people, injustice/inequality, mosquitoes

FAVORITE MOVIES: The Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Howl’s Moving Castle, Bram Stoker’s Dracula

INSPIRATIONS: People who live as their authentic selves (and unapologetically so), singers, artists, writers, my family


Questions? I love questions, chatting about life, and finding out what makes people tick. Please feel free to reach out for an intuitive tarot reading or natal chart interpretation, or for any other magickal needs you may have. If I cannot do the thing, I can probably point you to someone who can. Or, if you just wanna pick my brain (or let me pick yours), reach out and strike up a convo. I look forward to it. Peace and Blessings.


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