Article: Could Our Universe Have Arisen From A Black Hole?

Could Our Universe Have Arisen From A Black Hole?

This is definitely an intriguing concept to consider. To this magician, it seems too much like right, as my old folks would say.

What this illustrates for me is the true, creative nature of darkness. Historically, darkness and the color black has been relegated to instances of negativity and evil, while its polar counterpart, white, has been reserved for all that is good and wholesome…you know, savior-type shit.

This type of erroneous thinking has lead to the propagation of some very skewed perceptions about the way our physical and spiritual world works. Two examples of this “dark is bad, light is good” philosophy are the ideas black and white magic and the falsehood of racism (specifically the struggle of melanated folks through out the world; and I don’t mean that the struggle itself is false, per se – I mean that the struggle is based, in part, on delusional and false notions that were hyped up in order to detract attention away from the truth, but I digress.)

When one examines the electromagnetic spectrum, it us clearly visible (pun intended) that there exists a large part of reality that is entirely unseen to the naked human eye. Light and all its variations allow us to discern shapes in the darkness. But without the advantage of the darkness, there would be no shapes to discern. In the darkness, it seems there are no shapes at all. However, that is also erroneous thinking. There are shapes; weare just not able to perceive them with our limited human capabilities.

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