Fast-Acting Find Anything Locator Spell

If you’re anything like me, then you misplace things from time to time. Keys, important papers, favorite pens, crystals…I could go on and on with this list. And, if you’re anything like me, then this Fast-Acting Find Anything Locator Spell will become a beloved staple of your magickal arsenal.

Materials/Items Needed-

  1. A map of the area or areas where you think the item is, or the last place you remember it being: The map doesn’t need to be perfect, artsy, drawn to scale, or even pleasant to look at, lol. Any flat_floorplan_smallcolor paper will do; pen, pencil, charcoal, lipstick. Use whatever you have at your disposal, whatever works. It just needs to be reasonably accurate – make sure to mark the doorways, windows, and large pieces of furniture (like tables, recliners, beds, appliances, sofas, bookcases, etc). If you are unable to narrow it down to one room or one specific area, you will need to map out all the rooms where you think the item could or should be. If the area is very large, consult with your intuition for a good starting place and go from there. In my experience, I have often run across other missing items while searching areas for other missing things of mine. Your intuition will never steer your wrong. Trust it.
  2. A pendulum pendulum-235122_1280on a chain or string: If you do not own a pendulum, you can easily make one if you have any favorite jewelry items lying about – a favorite charm on a necklace, or perhaps a class ring secured to a chain. Again, we are going with what works. If you have a crystal/stone cage, you can obviously add your favorite crystal to it, and try it out. You have lots of room to get creative here. Or, you can always
    purchase a pendulum from any number of online or brick and mortar stores. Really, it’s about what works for you. Quartz crystals are good for pendulum use. Personally, I have success with a chakra pendant I received as a gift from Earthbound Trading Co.

How to Find the Thing –

  1. Place your map (or first map) on a flat surface.
  2. Meditate (or however you get into your zmeditation-1384758_640one of gnosis/in touch with your receptive state). This is an important step. If you cannot focus your mind on the task at hand, you may be better off asking someone else to do it for you, or waiting until a better time. Nothing bad will happen (unless you need to summon a deity that requires blood sacrifice or something) if you do this without a clear mind. The working just won’t work as well, or maybe even not at all.
  3. Hold your pendulum at least 6 inches (no more than 12 inches) above your map.
  4. Ask, either aloud or in your mind, “Where is the thing I lost?”: You can name the thing specifically. Feel free to make up a rhyming spell, if that helps you feel better, though it is completely unnecessary. You can address the pendulum directly. Or, if you prefer, reach out to your ancestors, spirit guides, or whatever deities you work with. You can even talk to your higher self if that your sort of thing. The whole point here is to focus on pushing the intent to locate whatever out into the atmosphere.
  5. If you live in place that is subject to high amounts of physical vibrations (such as near train tracks, airports, construction zones), then you want to try to do this working at the most quiet time as possible (so the exterior vibrations don’t interfere with your work). Also, you want to try to minimize disturbances (from telephone, televisions, other people) as much as possible. The idea here is to get a read off of the energy, the vibrations (which can be complicated by all the extra electromagnetic and physical influences).
  6. Pay attention to the pendulum, taking care to keep the hand and arm holding it as still as possible. If you’ve followed all the other steps, then your pendulum should begin to move. Watch how it moves, and notice if it begins to circle or arc over or around a particular area. A look-see of this area could prove to be worth your while. If the movement tends to remain even (and not focusing on one part of the map), then your item may not be located in that area. Again, if you have several areas to search through, then you’ve definitely got your work cut out for you, and your intuition will be a great help during this time.

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