I Made a Thing: Mini Witch Bottles

More witch bottles. And this time they’re tiny. I just love tiny things. They are so much more infinitely cuter than their larger counterparts. I found the beauties at Michael’s for a little bit of change ($3.99). The arts & crafts storehouse also carries the strings of various gemstone and semi-precious stone beads, though you really have to check the label because some of the stuff is just glass. For the purpose I was after, I chose a set of 4mm unakite and a set of 4mm brecciated jasper beads.

Quite sometime ago I’d made a few more witch bottles using more empty Bacardi shot bottles and stashed them inside my children’s book bags. My youngest son does well enough in school, so I didn’t feel like he needed the Bottle of Focus. But who couldn’t use a bit of extra protection? My other son – I gave him both the Bottle of Focus and the Bottle of Safety. I even experimented with the bottles (on my oldest son), and he did better on the days that the bottles were with him versus the days they were not. I was completely sold after a week straight of no complaints from his homeroom teacher (though in truth, I already knew they would have some positive effect…because why make them in the first place? Of course, it is always a pleasant surprise to see just how well your magick works itself out.)

It is my belief that my sometimes unscrupulous Christian roommate, who happens to be my mother, confiscated the bottles from my oldest son’s book bag, as well as the other two bottles from my other son’s bag that had been stored inside my room. I never got a call from the school about either set. There is no trace of the items anywhere inside our home. Neither child knew about the bottles at first; and then, it was only my oldest son who saw me adding the bottles to his bag one morning, who may or may not have given the bottles away to a cute girl (I cannot get confirmation on this, though he says a girl saw him with them, even though I expressly forbade him from bothering with them at school or anywhere else). At the time that they came up missing, my mother and I had been kind of having a battle of wits regarding her discovery of my magickal practice. Up until then, I had not gone to great lengths to hide it; I just didn’t invite much discussion from her about it.

We have since had an open, honest discussion on various subject matters, and we both are in agreement to let one another be. I was already doing that, mind you. But now I have her verbal consent that she comprehends that I need her to do the same, or she has to move out, point blank. Even still, I have a lock on the door to my bedchamber now. And now, I have tiny, tiny witch bottles that will go completely undetected and unnoticed.

Purpose –

Witch bottles are great. They can have almost any purpose you intend, though historically they have been used for protection and warding.

For what I have made here, my intention is to bring protection, peace/calm, grounding, and prosperity. I have the fortunate opportunity of living with some very energetically sensitive people, and I thought they could use a bit of help managing the flux of all those vibrations.

Contents/Materials – (Most of the ingredients have multiple uses. I will only include here the purpose intended for this project. I let my intuition do most of the choosing, and relied on knowledge to do the rest.)

  1. Protection Oil from Starbrite Gifts: for protection, duh.
  2. Sea Salt – more protection; purification; blessing
  3. Marjoram – psychic protection/psychic development
  4. Basil – happiness
  5. Echinacea purpurea – to add extra oomph to the entire working
  6. Cinquefoil (5 Fingers Grass) – a pinch of good luck/success for the work of the hands
  7. Unakite Beads (4mm) – balance and healing of the emotional body
  8. Brecciated Jasper Beads (4mm) – more emotional healing and stability; vitality; self-confidence
  9. Crushed Bay Leaf – even more protection (from jinxes, unwanted people, general negativity)
  10. Crystallized Honey – sweetness/a sweet life
  11. Lavender Oil – peace of mind, calmness, relaxation
  12. Sealed in black candle wax – for the association with the womb, creativity, the darkness out of which all things come – the ultimate protectrix

(As you can see in the pictures, one of the little bottles didn’t make it. I tried force a slightly larger bead through the bottle neck with the hilt of my knife. )

Conclusion –

During the whole process, I set my intention upon each ingredient, and asked each herb or material to lend me its inherent power for the specific purposes I had in mind. I finished with a final meditation/directing of energy, and sat them outside in my backyard on a small table for a full moonlight bath (Full Moon in Aries).

The other really cool thing about these small witch bottles (besides the fact that they are virtually inconspicuous, just too damn cute, and can be crafted for any conceivable purpose) is that they can be made into some pretty fab looking jewelry pieces. Or you can just sit them around your space, as they are very nice pleasing to the eye and a provide a great distraction as you go about your day.

Tell me about your witch bottle making adventures, or, even better, share some pictures and results. I want to see your magick in progress.



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