October Loot Harvest with Magick in Progress

I recently copped some super-cool loot from Michael’s and Earthbound Trading Company, two of my favorite places to shop for witchy/magickal supplies.

Michael’s has a helluva sale going right now. 50% off of all (or most) Halloween Decor, and a bunch of other cool sales. if you sign up to their email list, you should receive even more discount offerings via your inbox.

Earthbound – I caught this particular store on a clearance sale day. Everything I bought was already marked down by 50%. Then, at the register, the clerk took an ADDITIONAL 40%!!! Can you say SWAG? I knew that you could.

List of items from Michael’s

Set of 4 black skull candles – original price $5.99; marked down to about $1 or $2 (can be used for spells to connect with ancestors, workings that seek access to earthly knowledge/wisdom, baneful/harmful magick, protection)

Crystal ball on a pedestal with skull inside – original price $24; marked down to $10 (for scrying and seeking knowledge)

Gold glitter (not shown in video) – original price $3.99; marked down to a little over $1 (gold represents fire, power, action, success, wealth)

Strings of genuine Lapis lazuli stones – original price unknown; marked down to $1.99 (associated with the throat chakra, communication, royalty, honor, wisdom)

Strings of genuine Amethyst stones – original price unknown; marked down to $1.99 (associated with the crown chakra, higher mind, protection from low vibration energies, soothing the mind, connection to the divine)

Strings of yellow glass beads – original price unknown; marked down to $1.99 (to be used in an Oshun altar; yellow is the color of inspiration, friendship, solar magick, confidence, charm)

Amber seashell beads – original price unknown; marked down to $1.99 (also for Oshun who is the sweet water goddess and is associated with seashells)

Four wooden boxes with mesh top and clasp closing – roughly about $2 a piece; original price around $5 or $6 (storage of my crystals according to their element)

List of items from Earthbound

Rhombus pendulum – original price about $5; marked down to less than $1 (sacred geometrical shape associated with many deities/energies/purposes; pendulums can be used for divination and spirit communication)

Five boxes of Dragon’s Blood incense – $1.25 a piece (good to add extra oomph to any working, money spells, power spells)

Large black and rainbow dreamcatcher – original price $29.95; marked down to $14.97; final price a little over $7 (said to protect the owner from bad juju by filtering it out through the web and allowing the passage of only that which is good)

Medium red dreamcatcher – original price around $15; marked down to around $7; final price a little over $3

Gold/bronze pinkie ring that says “All good things are wild and free.” (not shown in video) – final price a little over $1; original price unknown (just ’cause I like jewerly, lol)

Om shaped keychain with happy Ganesha (cause you know there are two versions, right?) on the reverse side – final price somewhere around $1 to $2 (Om is universal, the original sound, and it’s repetition or meditation brings peace, calmness, and unity with the All; Ganesha is said to reside in the root chakra, the first chakra, and thus he holds the keys to everything else)

I’d be interested to hear about your recent swagalicious finds, or tell me what you think of mine


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