Choosing a Magickal Name


My Personal Struggle

One of the very first tasks I set myself to at the start of this magickal path of mine was to find a magickal name. That was a little over one year ago. In the very beginning of Lyam Thomas Christopher’s “Kabbalah Magic”, novices are advised to choose a name. Though I did not continue on the path of the ceremonial/ritual magician, I still felt like this was something I wanted to do. For me, it symbolized stepping out of the old me, and stepping into the new me, the person who would be completely and totally transformed (through process) by magick. In truth, as I am uninitiated in any system, there is really little actual need to change my name. I don’t have any rules to follow, or rather, I make my own (and I wouldn’t have it any other way right now). Yet, and still, this is something that continues to resonate deeply with me, which is the only reason why I even bothered in the first place.

Honestly, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long, lol. But then again, when I consider my natural inclination toward indecisiveness and my insatiable need to know all options before making a choice, I am not actually surprised.

Over the last 12 months, I have actually acquired several names, all of some personal importance and deep meaning to me, but none of which I feel at liberty to go public with. Not because anybody told me I shouldn’t. The names just don’t seem to fit as public personae to me, for some reason or another.

My very first name that I chose for myself seemed to set the scene for the year that followed, and in retrospect, it’s vibe was full of foreshadowing. I got the idea from a favorite cartoon of mine. (Yes, I still watch cartoons. Don’t give me that look.) Lessons that I learned always brought me back to this name, as it’s essence seemed to be at the core of each. Now, it could be that I had a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy, and that I invoked the power of this name into my life. Which probably isn’t far from the truth. This is a secret name, and it is a bit cocky, lol. Not the image I wish to convey when dealing publicly with others. I want to appear knowledgeable, but not arrogant. I keep the name because, among other things, it has much to do with my self-confidence and self-image, just as much as with how I insert myself into the world.

The second name is not private. But since it is personally symbolic, I am very territorial about and protective of it. It came about several months after finding information about two distinct markings that I woke up with on my face on two separate occasions. Also, and this could have more to do with my self-confidence than actual reality, I feel like it wouldn’t come off well to the general public. That’s probably a crock of shit, because the only person who’s opinion I should care about is mine (regarding my name, if nothing else).

Recently, I came up with another name that seemed to ring bell’s internally. But after saying it aloud a few times, it doesn’t seem to fit either. That name is Nova Love. Love is my grandmother’s maiden name. Nova is a cool looking word, but I don’t think it works a name for me. I think I could still use it as a nomme de plume though.

Choosing a Magickal Name

So, how does one go about choosing a magickal name in the first place? There are many suggestions available on the interwebs. If you are a capable seeker, you should have no trouble finding them. And if you aren’t, try a search for “how to choose a magickal name”.

Most sites recommend jotting down several lists, and then choosing one or two words from the lists and using that as your name. I think this is a fine idea, although it didn’t necessarily work for me. I have tons of words that I love, images I want to convey, and I couldn’t narrowing down at all, lol. I have a Jupiter-Sun aspect that makes it hard for me to do anything on less than the grandest of scales.

You can choose the name of a favorite deity, also. I was and still am hesitant to do this. By mby understanding, this act is something akin to signing a contract with said deity, and should you not live up to your end of the bargain, then some troubles may befall you. Such as if you choose the name of a love goddess, but you go around treating people like shit. That sort of thing. This could be a good way to inject some of the deities beneficial qualities into your life, however.

Other sites recommend choosing an animal, along the same lines as choosing the deity name, with the hope being to infuse your life and personal with the qualities of that animal. Or perhaps, it is an animal that you already heavily identify with.

If you’re really lazy about it, you could just play one of those name generator games. I have seen some folks have great luck with these, though the results are iffy, at best.

Or you can do like I did, and just let your intuition be your guide. More than likely, the name is already present in your life. A symbol perhaps, or words or images that keep reappearing to you in some form or fashion.

I will always rule in favor of the intuition because it knows what you do not. And who better to ask than yourself?


Witchvox article about choosing a magickal name

Magickal name generator based on numerology and stuff

Pagan name database

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