Daily Tarot Reading – Read of the Day for 09.27.2016: Nine of Wands


Deck: Standard Rider-Waite

Card: Nine of Wands

Card Type: Minor Arcana (everyday world of sense experience and our daily lives)

Element: Fire (energy, action, passion)

Number: 9 (completion, a time for looking back or review, integration, the preface to a new chapter)

Planet: Moon (subconscious/unconscious, reflection, instincts, intuition, emotions, divine feminine, secret dreams)

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius (travel, philosophy, learning, intelligence, versatility, progress, curiosity, enthusiasm, restlessness, detachment, adventure)

Chakra: Solar Plexus/Navel (Manipura- vitality, will, determination)

I-Ching Hexagram: Zhong fu (success by staying aligned with your inner truth, staying focused, and avoiding misrepresentation)

Colors: Brown (earth, committment, grounded, quietness); Green (hope, prosperity, money, nature)

Keywords: wounded, experienced, guarded, perseverance, inner strength

In this card we see a young man, bandaged about the head, supporting himself upon a staff, with eight other staves in the background. It looks like he’s taken quite a beating. The symbolism of this card is that a long journey is coming to an end, or has already ended. There have surely been some bumps and bruises along the way, but the end of the trial is approaching or has already arrived. The fact that we see this person standing and bandaged, as opposed to lying down hurt or dead, shows us that though the road was rough, he survived, and he is all the better for it. Now, armed with all the lessons he has learned and challenges he has overcome, he is ready to move forward to the next journey that awaits. The ending of one thing often means the beginning of something else.

The Nine of Wands is a card about wisdom and strength gained through experience.

When this card comes up in a reading think back to a time when you’ve been in a similar situation — what lessons did you learn then that you can apply now?

This card could be offering a warning. It could be that you think you know what to expect, and have your guard up to protect yourself. Though we do learn from experience, there is always the possibility that things will turn out differently than we anticipate, and that people will surprise us. Be cautious of self-fulfilling prophecy. Sometimes, when we expect the worst, that’s exactly what we end up getting.

Notice how you got to where you are through your own choices. You are NOT a victim. If you are not satisfied with your current position, then you can make a choice to change that too.

Take-Away Message: You are super close to completion or success in some aspect of your life, but this last part is extremely difficult (as is usually the case with things finally coming to an ending). Past experiences may be bringing up doubt for you. But do not give up! You have within you the strength and wisdom to work it out and get it done. Push through, forge ahead.


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