Daily Tarot Reading – Read of the Day for 09.25.2016


Deck: Standard Rider-Waite

Card: Justice Reversed

Card Type: Major Arcana (the archetypes, or bigger themes, of our lives; truths of the universe)

Element: Air (thoughts, mental activity, the mind)

Number: 2 (creativity, womb, gestation, duality, reflection, balance, change)

Planet: Venus (love, beauty, fertility); Saturn (boundaries and discipline)

Zodiac Sign: Libra (cooperation, charm, imagination, diplomacy, optimism, calming, soothing, idealism, balance, beauty)

Chakra: Throat (Vishuddha – self-expression, communication); Third Eye (Ajna – seeing, perception, intuitive knowledge)

I-Ching Hexagram: Shi Ke (success through discernment that allows true justice to prevail)

Runes: Thurisaz (directed force, true will, magickal powers, chaos, enthusiasm; right place, right time); Eihwaz (motivation, endurance, strength, sense of purpose, initiation, immortality)

Colors: Red (power, passion, action); Yellow (vitality, will, determination); Purple (intuition, psychic realm, problem solving)

Keywords: extremes, unbalanced, self-centered, unfair

Here we see the figure of Justice personified, sporting a crown, red robe, sword help upright in the right hand and scales of Libra in the left hand, seated upon a bench between two pillars, in front of a veil. The look of Justice’s face is serene but stern.

The crown represents a relationship with the divine and the intersection of consciousness and spiritual communication. The two pillars represent balance, or taking the middle ground; and since they are upright (and not lying sideways), we can understand that the card also points to the drawing down of the spiritual and intellectual into the material realm. The bench Justice sits upon represents pausing and reflecting. The veil symbolizes hidden things, illusion, and purity. Veils can be removed, and so they also symbolize initiation into secret and mysterious realms. Finally, we come to the sword and the scale. The sword symbolizes the element of air and represents honor, virtue, communication, and rationality; and the scale is a common symbol of justice, truth, and fairness.

Justice Reversed will appear when balance is not present.

It could be that someone is acting unethically, weighing their personal desires more heavily than those of others involved.

Justice reversed could appear when facts or logic are being relied on too heavily. Someone may be too rational in their deliberation, ignoring emotions completely. Or someone may be using “fairness” and “justice” to hurt others. “An eye for an eye” leaves the whole world blind.

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