Daily Tarot Reading – Read of the Day for 09.24.2016: Two of Wands


Deck: Standard Rider-Waite

Card: 2 of Wands

Card Type: Minor Arcana (the everyday mundane world of sense experience and our everyday lives)

Suit: Wands (element of fire)

Element: Fire (action, energy, passion )

Number: 2 (creativity, womb, gestation, duality, reflection, balance, change)

Planet: Venus (love, beauty, fertility)

Zodiac Sign: Taurus (dependability, responsibility, patience, success, determination, sensuality, stubborness); Libra (cooperation, charm, imagination, diplomacy, optimism, calming, soothing, idealism, balance, beauty)

Chakra: Sacral (Swadhisthana – flow, change, house of our emotions and desires); Solar Plexus/Navel (Manipura – vitality, will, determination)

I-Ching Hexagram: Guai (determination; exposition of the truth and adherence to the true self for ultimate breakthrough, at the cost of being separated from that which is false and faulty)

Colors: Brown (earthy, subtle, thoughtful, commitment); Red (power, passion, action); Orange (the unconventional, activity, amusement)

Keywords: choice, potential, contemplation, threshold, planning

Here we see a figure cloaked in reds, oranges, and browns, the colors of action, will, vitality, and commitment. He stands on a balcony perhaps, overlooking the scene, holding the world in his hands. To his left and right are staves (staffs, wands) which represent the choices before him. In his right hand, he holds the world (the action he is about to take), and with his left hand he supports himself with a staff (guided by his inner fire and intuition).

When this card appears in a reading, you are at a point where you have the power to choose. You are filled with creative force, and have only to choose what you want to do with this opportunity before committing to a new direction.

It is a time to look back at where you have come from, and forward to where you want to go.

You are NOT stuck with only one option. You do not need to do things the old ordinary way. You have the ability to create an original vision for yourself. Be brave, be bold, and be true to yourself!

Decide on what path you want to take and then set one foot in front of the other. You have the power within you to create your own destiny!

Take-Away Message: You stand upon the precipice of a great happening. Worlds swim about you. The only thing to do now is choose your path. Slow down and consider your options. You have amazing potential. Consider carefully how you want to use your time and energy. Don’t go running after the first opportunity that comes along if it doesn’t feel exactly right. Take your time.


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