Daily Tarot Reading – Read of the Day for 09.23.2016 : Three of Cups Reversed


Deck: Standard Rider-Waite

Card: 3 of Cups Reversed

Card Type: Minor Arcana (the everyday mundane world of sense experience and our everyday lives)

Suit: Cups (element of water)

Element: Water (emotions, subconscious, intuition )

Number: 3 (union of initiative and creativity, manifestation, synthesis, fusion)

Planet: Earth (growth, manifestation, physical realm, fruits of labor, result of work/effort, tangible results); Moon (reflection, instincts, intuition, unconscious/subconscious, emotions, secret dreams, divine feminine)

Zodiac Sign: Gemini (intelligence, independence, freedom, adaptability, communication, curiosity, fickleness, superficial, impatience, reactive); Cancer (loyalty, devotion, intuition, sensitivity, nurturing, generosity, imagination, caution, neediness, possessiveness, nostalgia, moodiness)
Chakra: Sacral (Swadhisthana – flow, change, house of our emotions and desires); Solar Plexus/Navel (Manipura – vitality, will, determination)
I-Ching Hexagram: Dui (celebration of success in moderation for continued progress)
Colors: Red (power, passion, action); Orange (the unconventional, activity, amusement); Yellow (gold, sunshine, optimism)
Keywords: trouble in friendship, excessive pleasure, peer pressure, lack of support

This card is about celebration. Perhaps the three friends we see have finally triumphed over something that had previously plagued them all. A common enemy, perhaps. Or, it could be that they’ve finally finished a part of life (school, work project, for example) and they raise their cups in toast to their successful efforts. Whatever the case, you can be sure that this is a time of joy and mirth.

With the card being reversed, this could be an indication of several things: 1. There has been too much celebration, and it needs to be checked. 2. There hasn’t been enough celebration. 3. Or the celebration has come and gone, and now it’s time to get back to work.

We can see the duality of the world around us with this card. There is a season and time for everything. By all means, acknowledge and revel in your success and accomplishments. If you have worked hard and achieved a thing, then you should applaud yourself and your cohorts. A round of drinks among friends is a good time for sure.

However, once that moment has passed, do not forget that there is more work to do. What about your next goal? Have you forgotten that you want to do more, go further, soar higher? If this is as far as you wanted to go, then fine. But, if not, you would do well to remember that celebration and partying is no cause to forget to plan for the future you are self-creating.

Take-Away Message: Celebrate your successes. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. But, if you want more fruit, there will need to be more labor. Don’t exhaust yourself or your resources (material or otherwise) just for a fleeting memory. Live in the moment, but plan for the future.



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