Read of the Day – 09.17.2016


Deck: Standard Rider-Waite

Card: Queen of Pentacles

Element: Earth (matter and manifestation) & Water (emotion and intuition)

Card Type: Court (represents the people that inhabit your life, including yourself and your own characteristics, tendencies, and perspectives)

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn (ambition, determination, dependability, practicality, caring, perseverance, focus, organization, responsibility, leadership, privacy, patience, caution, self-sufficiency, pride, seriousness, judgmental, high-standards, work-a-holism)

Chakra: Root/Base (Muladhara- grounding, survival, manifestation; when balanced we are able to feel secure and live in the present; when unbalanced we may feel scattered and insecure)

I-Ching Hexagrams: Tong ren (progress and success through fellowship and partnership) and Jia ren (the family/the clan supported by a strong female figure)

Colors: Green (prosperity, growth, nature), Red (fire, beauty, passion), and Yellow (wealth, inspiration, optimism)

Keywords: protective, nurturing, resourceful, abundance, down to earth, fertile, healthy, ecological, homemaker, mother

This card could represent a person you know or a person you will encounter, or some aspect of yourself that is present to call upon or that you need to tap into now.

Traditionally, this card represents a dark person: either dark-skinned or dark in emotions/mind/outlook (brooding, heavy thinker).

The Queen of Pentacles is a very practical and organized woman. She is successful in business and in creating a secure, comfortable home for herself and those she loves.

By making sensible decisions, she has made steady and sustainable progress. She is well grounded and emotionally balanced.

She cares for and protects others. She is a nurturing mother. When she appears in a reading, fertility may be indicated.

The Queen of Pentacles has a concern for the environment and makes efficient use of resources. She is soothed by spending time in nature.

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