Mercury Retrograde Survival Tip #201


Change your perspective, change your world.

What are you giving the most attention? The thing you want, your desired results, and optimum existence? Or the thing you do not want, that which pains you, and what you would rather be without?

Examine the object of your focus, time, and energy. If you’re spending more time bemoaning your fate than looking forward to your heart’s desire, then you’re doing it wrong.

It’s okay to get down, sometimes. It happens. We are all humans. (Well, most of us, lol.) But, we have have feelings, and these feelings give us clues as to what is happening within and around us.

Your feelings are not meant to determine your outlook. No matter what you feel, you always have the POWER to determine your perspective. If you feel bad, then examine why that is so, and get to making the changes you need so you can feel better. (Of course, this isn’t aimed at folks who are clinically depressed or otherwise suffering from mental illness. That’s actually a whole ‘nother can of metaphysical worms, indeed.)

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