Mercury Retrograde Survival Tip #777

Mercury Retrograde got ya down? Take heart. The good news we’re already nearly half-way through one of the most notoriously annoying periods of the year.

The other good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way for you. As with all situations in your life, you have the power to decide how you will use this time to move towards and inhabit your highest good. The mind-wrenching setbacks and patience-shattering setbacks and delays can be catalysts, if you allow, that propel you forward.

Instead of wigging out about that traffic jam, use the down-time to meditate or do some pranayama. Cast a quick mental sigil or verbal incantation for your health or increased patience. Your computer’s acting crazy? (Mine is too). Take some time to step away from it for a moment, and go for a walk. Or visit with a family member who’s in another room (or a co-worker, if you’re at the job). Having communication issues and feeling argumentative? Stop before you go off the deep end. Pause to consider what you are saying and if you and the other party are hearing each other correctly (and not through bruised and banged up egos)? Just breathe.

Or, you can decide to fuss and sulk about it all. This will inevitably lead to your further descent into madness though. So, it is advised by this writer that you choose the former option.

And if you should try your luck with Door Number One, here’s a handy tip to help you along the way. (Sidenote: All the breathing in the world won’t save you if you never change your mind and alter your perspective.)


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