Three of Wands

Three of Wands

What follows is my interpretation of this card as it pertains to me. I pulled this card twice for myself on 07/05/2016. The first time I got it, I put it back in the deck, reshuffled, and hoped to get another card. But the Universe said “NOPE.” I got the card again, lol.

Ok. So the first thing I notice is that this is a wands card. Wands corresponds to the element of fire, which is all about action. There’s also a representation of the number three here (three wands, three ships, three locations of air, water, and land).

The Cape

Notice the fellow’s red cape (color of action, fire, and life) he wears across his back. On the left side it is bordered with a green patch, which represents the earth. In relation to the element of fire, earth displays, or manifests and bears witness to the result of fire’s regenerative or destructive actions. The checkerboard black and yellow pattern on the right signifies the balance between the conscious self (yellow, for the sun or the self, or for daylight which comes from the sun) and the subconscious self (black, or darkness, what is hidden in the shadows or the nighttime, which comes in the absence of the sun) that is necessary to realize long term goals with lasting results.

Interlude : Personal Reflection

For me, this is personal because I definitely have a lot going on right now. I’m working everyday to get my professional venture (a virtual administrative consultant) business off of the ground. I have so much planning and self-education that needs to take place before I can actually, fully realize my dream of bringing in sufficient income with this business (as opposed to going back to the nightmare of a corporate 9-to-5). I need to be able to balance my emotions, feeling, and personal needs with those professional endeavors AND the needs of my young children and partner. It’s so easy sometimes to put things off until the last minute. But, in my experience, that has only resulted in unnecessary stress and costly mistakes. Haste really does make waste. I need to always make time to take care of myself, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Again, it’s so easy to put things off. “Oh, I’ll meditate later.” “Oh, I’ll do tai chi later.” “Oh, I’ll have that glass of water later.” Except that when later comes, it’s now again, and I still have a crap-ton of things to do, and I’m putting of the meditation, tai chi, and water again. Then, when I’m spiraling out of control, in a sea of overwhelming despair, I realize, “Oh yeah, I need to meditate. I need to do tai chi. And I’m thirsty as hell.” Lol.

Strategic Actions for Firm Support

In the midst of the three wands stands the guy. He seems to find support among the wands (also referred to as staves or staffs). This represents my desire/need to do actions that can be stood upon, whereby the advantage of perspective is gained. From a height, my position is clearly viewed, and from this point I can make decisions that lead to actions based on strategy, vision, and planning.

The Mountains

The mountains in the distance represent other peaks or points of ascension. That is to say, new heights to reach and new obstacles to surpass. Or, the mountains can also represent the summit of one’s work, the end result of all the efforts that are being undertaken at this time. They are similar to the craggy cliff upon which the fellow now stands. From an elevated point, he can see all that lays before him. Thus, he can make his plans and proceed accordingly, armed with the knowledge he has gathered to himself. From a purely metaphysical standpoint, the mountains also represent enlightenment, evolution, and the pilgrimage (internal) that must take place before such spiritual heights can be attained.

The Sea

There are three ships here (again, with the three). This body of water is symbolic of the sea of life, with all of its tides, ebbs, and flows; the sea of the subconscious or of emotions/feelings. These are all things that must be worked through along my journey to the mountaintop.


Mostly everything in this card is yellow, including the sky and sea. The sun is definitely out. This could be dawn, or shortly after; perhaps a time shortly before or after noon. This symbolizes self-actualization and self-realization, which results in solid foundations upon which growth and progress can be built. I need to be like the sun and allow myself to shine forth in all my glory, and I will undoubtedly affect the world around me. I need to move forward with harnessed knowledge and properly executed actions to reach my goals.

Significance of Three

The number three has a long history of magickal and spiritual significance. It corresponds to the color yellow (no surprise there, now), and it symbolizes growth. When ‘1’ (thought, or the initiative force of the Universe) and ‘2’ (fertility, or the creative/germinating energy of the Universe) combine, fusion and synthesis takes place, resulting in ‘3’ (creation, productivity, and fruitfulness).

Final Thoughts

So yeah, I tried to get away from this card. The Universe, however, had other ideas, and, as it turns out, the card was hella applicable and relevant to me. I have a lot of irons in the fire, so to speak. I want to realize a bunch of personal and professional goals, and these are not things that will just happen overnight. These are seeds that I have planted, which must be cared for as they germinate and sprout forth. Once they emerge from the soil of my life, that is, then they must be tended so that they will eventually blossom and produce  the fruit I am after.

The other thing I need to be wary of is being too self-centered, which is a danger this card also presents to me. With being so focused, and so in-tune with my goals and ambitions, I run the risk of becoming ignorant of the other things and people around me that require my care and attention. I believe the term is called ‘tunnel vision’, when you get so beset by your destination that everything else seems to become invisible or non-existent.


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