I Made a Thing – Witch Bottle: Focus

I have trouble focusing sometimes (read all the time). Seriously, it’s a wonder I get anything done at all. At any given time, I have 9,000,000,002 ideas careening through my mind. It gets damn difficult sometimes to manage them all, or at least to decide which most urgently needs my attention. A lot of times, I’ll be working on something, and have a question. Then, I go off to answer that question, and, next thing I know, it’s several minutes or hours later and I’m totally off task from what I was originally trying to answer the question about in the first place. I follow the Stream of Consciousness Rabbit down into its winding lair, which can be good for new ideas and learning, but bad for long-term projects or things that require more than a few minutes of my attention.

Enter this little beauty. I was inspired to create this Bottle of Focus by the lovely mind behind a great witchy blog I follow on Tumblr (my second home), Witchy-Woman. Mine is a bit different from the one in her original post because of the bottle I used (an empty Bacardi Gold shot bottle). I had to use more ingredients to fill it up. Also, I didn’t have some of the ingredients, like caraway seeds or lavender flowers. But, in my practice, necessity is ever the mother of invention. I used what I had, and was able to create something I am really excited about having in my witch/mage/sorceress arsenal.

From bottom to top, in order of appearance, the ingredients are as follows:

  1. Sea salt – protection
  2. Rosemary – purification
  3. Cinque foil (aka Five Fingers’ Grass) – success from the work of my hands (which is a result of my focused mind)
  4. Orange peel – inspiration (difficult to see because the Basil crowded it)
  5. Basil – clarity, strength, courage
  6. Rose – love and peace
  7. Echinacea purpurea – to enhance mental abilities, to strengthen the spell
  8. Allspice, whole – strength of Will, determination, perserverance, vitality, and energy
  9. more sea salt – Who couldn’t use a bit more protection? Also, I wanted to fill in the spaces between the Allspice berries.
  10. Dragon’s Blood oil – for extra oomph
  11. Lavender essential oil – mental fortitude, peace
  12. Sealed in red wax – leftover from a candle burned to honor Ganesh; used for its association with the root chakra, a strong foundation, security, source of life

I used my intuition and powers of research to determine which ingredients would serve as substitute. I focused my intent on each layer. Then, when it was sealed, I placed it within a circle, and beamed all the energy I could into it.

Peace, you come. Focus, you stay. My energy will be used in a productive way to get things done today.

I sat comfortably in a recliner and repeated these words for a time. I began to feel reactions in my body: little tingles here, tiny itches there, a buzzing about the top of my head, cool waves running the length of my arms, a pulse of energy emanating specifically from my left hand. I saw the red wax glow for a tiny bit, almost as if it was on fire. The ingredients inside the bottle seemed to be shifting in place. When it was done, I felt exhausted. So I grounded myself, and absorbed some of the energy around me to replenish my stores. I smoked and concentrated on being fully present in that moment.


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