A Spell for Health and Wellness

Bodies, I love thee, bodies of mine./ Bodies, my temples of the divine./  Bodies banish worry. Bodies banish stress./ Bodies be healed. Bodies be blessed./ Bodies banish fear. Bodies banish doubt./ Bodies be healed, inside and out./ Bodies find peace. Bodies find love./ So below, as above./

I wove this spell together in the early months of my introduction to the world of Chaos Magick. The incantation is heavily influenced by some Wiccan principles in that much attention is given to the rhyme scheme and cadence of words. In addition, I used the same ideas that are used to create a sigil (statement of intent) to pinpoint the exact results I wanted to achieve with the spell.

A few months ago I deduced that I was suffering from what is known as a venous leg ulcer. About two or three months had passed between the time of the initial scarring and the time I realized that the sore was an ulcer that would not go away. What had originally started as a battle scar from a fight I’d lost with a plastic laundry basket had apparently morphed into a slow-healing, weeping, and crusty ulceration. Skeptical of doctors and medication, and void of health inusrance, I sought out the oracle Google for clarification about what was happening on the spot just above my left ankle. If it did turn out that I needed medical attention and couldn’t heal myself through holisitic means, I wanted to at least be sure of what I was getting into.

Here’s what I found out: Leg ulcers can result from any minor injury that causes a break in the skin of the appendage, usually the lower leg. The opening afforded by the skin tear allows air and bacteria inside, which then spaws an infection. Under normal circumstances, such minor damage to the epidermis heals within a week or two. However, the venous leg ulcer’s healing time is considerably lenghtened due to at least one of three underlying factors: vein disease, artery disease, or something else like diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. Prior to surgery, I read, docotrs would try several methods to get the sore to heal on its own, namely maintaining a clean dressing on the wound, elevating the limb, and regulating the pressure in the limb by way of compression stockings or bandages.

Each diagnostic test I’d had in the last year said that I was a model of health, albeit a little overweight. I was confident in those assessments and the knowledge that I’d never tested positive for high blood pressure, diabetes, or anything of the sort. I figured I could give some of the pre-surgery remedies a try on my own at home. If nothing changed, then I would see the help of a medical professional.

Perhaps it was foolish of me not to consult an actual physician. I would certainly never advise anyone to use magick in liew of actual helpful treatment from a qualified doctor. What I would urge, however, is that people get in touch with their bodies. Take time to listen to yourself and find out what you need to return to and maintain a status of health and well-being. Illness is indicative of a problem. Many spiritualists and esoteric philosophers say that the physical realm is a mirror of what happens on other planes of existence. I, to a degree, belive this to be true. I had no way to prove if I was being assailed on the astral or any other plane. But I did have this sore that wouldn’t heal. I worked a job that forced me to sit a desk all day. I did not exercise at all, I drank very little water, and I wasn’t getting nearly enough sleep at night. I was taking very little time to meditate and care for myself spiritually. After reading about venous leg ulcers, it dawned on me that I was contributing to my own illness. If there were other unseen and unknown factors that I couldn’t consciously battle, such as an unbalanced root chakra or some type of etheric succubus, then the least I could do was manage the things I could directly influence.

In October 2015 I was introduced to Chaos Magick after I stumbled upon a YouTube video featuring Grant Morrison giving a speech about how to use sigils to change the world. This happenstance opened the door for me to begin exploring and learning about many systems of magick and magickal philosophies. Wicca and the practice of spell-casting was one of those systems. I had the bright idea to do a spell that would faciliate the healing of my leg, as well as remedy any other contributing factors. Thus, my spell was born.

Originally, I only gave heed to my physical body and saw moderate improvements. Later, I realized that I needed to include all forms of my body, not just my current material form. This idea is based on a general esoteric concept which indicates there are multiple planes of existence, and that we have a body on at least two or three of them. So, I changed “body” to “bodies” and the rest is history. In the span of four months (from creation to present day) I have healed my venous leg ulcer. I said the words over my body as I showered each day, allowing the water and the energy to wash over me. I meditated more often. I resumed my practice of Tai Chi Chuan. I drank more water. Actually, I kind of forgot about the sore all together. Then one day I noticed the thing wasn’t oozing anymore. Then another time I noticed there was no more pain. The last time I looked at it, I realized the sore had completely closed and the scab was not even crusted over.

Skeptics will undoubtedly say that it was my increased physical activity and drive to take better spiritual care of myself that encouraged the healing of my ulcer. I certainly won’t deny that. But I know, in my heart, that the words I said had an effect, even to the point of spurring on the previously described activities. It is purely coincidental that the ulcer did not begin to heal until I started speaking the spell into my life.

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